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Veterans Day Tributes ~ Forget Them Not

Last Friday was November 11, 2016 and in America we celebrated Veteran’s Day.  Our local community took special time to celebrate.  The fire department wanted to remind us that the flag does still stand for something.

2016-11-11 15.30.35.jpg

We are also blessed in that our county has been in the process of completing a new memorial to remember all of those who have served the country.  People who took time out of their lives to do what the country asked at times of peace and struggle.  

2016-11-11 15.33.06.jpg

The United States Marine Corps

2016-11-11 15.33.57.jpg

The United States Navy


The United States Army

2016-11-11 15.36.09.jpg

The United Stated Air Force

2016-11-11 15.37.07.jpg

The United Stated Coast Guard

2016-11-11 15.37.32.jpg

Something we should always remember, even if we don’t agree the reasons for the conflict, these people are sacrificing for their country!

2016-11-11 15.37.51.jpg

To remember everyone, many gave some, some gave all.

2016-11-11 15.38.20.jpg

Honoring – to regard with great respect!


Take the time today to say thank you to a person who has served our country. Many people around you have sacrificed in some way so we can enjoy the freedoms and life we have today as Americans.  It did not come without a price.

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