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A surprising delight ~ Sakura Japanese Steakhouse

My travels often take me to the Smoky Mountain region, which offers some incredible opportunities to see beautiful mountains and nature at it’s finest.  On the Tennessee side of the mountains, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have become a vacation destination for thousands of people each year.  This region offers many entertainment and eating establishments.  On my last travel into the area I spotted off at the corner of Forks of the River Parkway and US441-Parkway in a very obscure location on the south side of the road.  It was a sign for the Sakura Japanese Steakhouse Super Buffet.

This buffet proved to be a truly super buffer, not due to the quantity, which was nice, but due to the quality of the food and the care provided by the staff.  Sakura is located at 624 Parkway on the edge of Sevierville and Pigeon Forge.  Parking is somewhat confusing because the light is so close to the entrance, so you may need to maneuver a little to enter if coming from the north.  This restaurant offers a Japanese – Chinese cuisine with a fresh sushi bar that will definitely please the appetite.  Best of all, it is at an affordable price to allow individuals and families enjoy their fare.


The outside and entrance to this restaurant remind you to “not judge a book by it’s cover”, as it appears like they are needing some upgrading.


Once inside though, you will find a charming family Owned restaurant with a very warm staff to greet you and provide you with what proved to be excellent service.


Behind the blue banner the sushi chef prepares the standard rolls and fresh fish assortments, but look closely and you will see an artistic touch to many of the delicious rolls.





There is a small assortment of fresh and prepared fruits.



With plenty of options and delicious foods, this place will please your palate.





Off to the side is their well stocked salad and soup bar.  Everything looked fresh and was warm without being overheated.



The Hibachi chef awaits your special mixture of vegetables and meats to prepare as you like. 


The desserts were of the standard that you would anticipate from the restaurant.  While they looked appetizing, I was too full to try any.




If you are staying in the area, or traveling through, Sakura offers dine-in and carry-out to meet your needs.  



We generally do not eat at buffets, as neither of us eat large quantities of anything, and generally the food is adequate.  To my wonderful surprise though, Sakura Japanese Super Buffet proved to be a great place to stop and taste the oriental flavors and spices.  We will be coming back as our travels bring us back to the Smoky Mountains.


What are your favorite restaurants in the Smoky Mountain area?  Share with us places we need to stop and taste!

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