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Drawing closer…

As the 2016 holidays draw closer, we find ourselves thinking about those loved ones who have passed on recently.  One of those we think of often is my Grandma Staley. You see a few years back my mom’s mother went on ahead to be with the Lord. So while we sometimes find ourselves a little low missing her, we more often celebrate the times and memories we have of this beautiful woman! Celebrating and sharing warm memories of our family is very important to us, to keep their memories alive. Especially to the generations who did not get to be with them.

Grandma with Kelsey back in the mid 90’s 


She celebrated 93 glorious years on this earth, and everyone who had the chance to meet and get to know her were blessed. Her spirit was gentle and sweet and very caring.  A woman who as she aged grew closer and closer to Christ with her constant reading of his Holy Bible, and unending prayers for our family and country.  She was a person who would make you smile with a conversation, touching your heart as you hear her tenderness and love.

A proud mother of four children, who saw the passing of two of her sons and her husband.  Strong in character, and strong in her faith.  I have often said she became an angel here on earth for those of us who were still finding our way.  So thankful for all her prayers today, even though I may not have been mature enought to understand while I was growing up.  She was a person who always offered good advice to walk the straight and narrow path.  A person who loved enough to never give up on any of us.

So as the holidays near, and the temperatures begin to drop, my heart is warmed thinking of all the wonderful memories of times with my Grandma Staley.  Shared now with you.  Shared to hopefully remind you of those who are or were in your life to help guide you and lead you on life’s way.  For me, some of those are passing on, but their memories will always be near, as long as we share.

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