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Trendy holidays on the Magnificent Mile

On the north side of Chicago’s downtown along and surrounding Michigan Avenue are some of the most wonderful and trendy shops for fashion. This is known as the Magnificent Mile, and is so established and popular that you can follow the area and find all the information you need to plan you incredible shopping trip on their own website, click here. This is the place for your holiday shopping needs. The variety of stores, the name brands, the quality products, and the great restaurants and places to get lost for a while…oh I am ready to be back in Chicago!

Now my advice to anyone getting ready to venture along the Magnificent Mile, that you make certain you have two things:  time and money. Time because there are so many great places to check out, and money because, well you know…

cimg0923 (1).jpg

I would imagine the Cubs apparel at this point would see a much better selection, thanks to all their efforts during the season!


Now for those of you needing to find a place to stay and really do the shopping in the proper manner, there is a nice selection of hotels to meet your needs.




Never fear my friends, as we all need to receive some java at the appropriate times to keep our levels up, you will find what you need.




Have we already talked about her love for shoes?!?









These may not be as fashionable, but I love these little magazine and paper stands!





This caught our eye, as you know how we feel about the color pink.


Chicago is a great city, and for fashion and trending stles and designs, there is none better than shopping along the Magnificent Mile.  Make your plans to see the latest and greatest this holiday season!

What are your favorite shops along Michigan Avenue?  Share with us the best places to eat, drink, and shop till you drop.

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