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Answered Prayers in Our Tree!

Our beautiful prayer tree is full of answered prayers!  They may be difficult to see at first glance, but for my wife and I they are very easy to spot.

Earlier in the spring, we started a prayer tree. Our story was first published in the article Take Time to Speak and Listen – A Family Prayer Tree, click here to read. Now you may not be familiar with the concept of a prayer tree, and we did twist the meaning from those which you will find in other parts of the world. Based on what we have learned prayer trees are found mostly to remind us of those who have passed away.  To remind us of them and their impact on us. Well, we decided that our family tree was to give us a visual display of special prayers to God.  It has been wonderful for us to look out at the strips of material we tied onto a limb, and remember to continue praying for those specific needs. 


It is so wonderful to hear others talk about praying, meditating, or uplifting others to God.  We all need to stay connected and reach out with our concerns and allow him to care for us.  A wonderful part of having the prayer tree with the strips still on the branches, is that we not only remember what we were praying for, but now that many have been answered we can truly celebrate!  Far too often in the past we have offered prayers, and over time fail to recognize that God is working things out in our lives.  It is easy to get caught up in all our daily activities and responsibilities and be blind to how awesome he really is!!  


We challenge you and your family to consider a project like ours.  Even if you cannot create something as large as our prayer tree, we encourage you to start a written list of your ongoing prayers.  Keep that list close, look at it regularly and fill it with your and especially  other peoples needs.  Thinking about and caring for others is a key to life.  

As you see your prayers being answered make note of how wonderful God is working in your life.  It may take longer for some and some may feel like they are not going to be answered, but they will.  All in His time.  All in His will.

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