Resting with Rapunzel

Opened back in 2013, one of the best renovations that has taken place is the changing of the area once used for the Skyway into a rest area, an electrical device charging area and a bathroom area.  It is now known as Rapunzel’s Tower rest area and is completely themed for the Tangled Disney movie. The overhead Skyway ride opened on the October 1, 1971 for the park’s grand opening and closed November 9, 1999.  This area has been vacant since.  So nice to see an area be utilized in such a positive way for all the people visiting the Magic Kingdom.  One of the better improvements made by Walt Disney World in recent renovations.

Rapunzel’s Tower is easy to spot in the corner of Fantasyland and Liberty Square


The Tangled theme is throughout at the men’s and women’s, and companion bathrooms



The rest area has some small tables and chairs with plug-ins for electrical charging


You never know who will turn up in the area!


Nighttime is an extra special time with the overhead lights



There are wanted posters for all the “villans” from Tangled everywhere






Take the time you are in the area of Magic Kingdom to stop and relax for a few minutes.  It is an oasis away from the hustle on a busy day!  

Where do you like to rest at the Magic Kingdom theme park?

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