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Friendship Comes in Small Gestures

Open heart.

When she accepts you for being yourself. She watched you grow through young motherhood to grandparent. She always made you feel like you belonged, right from the start. With kind words, she kept you in her daily prayers. Through troubles and heartache, she offered her kind words. She never gave you reason to be nervous that she would not like you.



Open arms.

Means she holds you dear to her open heart. She hugs you when she first see’s you and when you have to be apart. She always says she loves you.  


Open home.

She looks forward to your visit anytime, with family, or by yourself. She is eager for a phone call, a letter, and a sweet card. She lovingly prepares meals, and desserts and treats that she remembers what you might like. She trusts you to always love and take care of the man she raised. She is graciously your mother (in-law).


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