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Running the Barrels Part IV – Barrel Racing!

This is the fourth and final part of the series on a Barrel Racing competition at the Wilson County Fairground we came upon this past October. If you did not read the first article, Running the Barrels Part I – Getting Ready, please click here, and if you missed the second article Running the Barrels Part II – The People, click here, or if you missed the third article Running the Barrels Part III – The Horses, click here.

All of these articles have been so much fun to write, because we had a tremendous time meeting the people and seeing all the horse.  This event happened due the the wonderful people involved with the Volunteer State Pinto Association.  Please check out their website.  They create opportunities for families, individuals and their horses to compete and share great times with some financial rewards! 

The final part is all about the running the barrels.  They started out with the youngest participants going first, and worked their way up through the under 12 age group, and then the under 18, and finally the adults.  We unfortunately were not able to stay beyond a few of the under 18 riders, but as you will see below everyone was having a great time.  Some of the younger riders required a little cooperation from a parent guiding their horse along the way, but it won’t be long and they will be on their own.

A young girl volunteered to start the event during the Pledge of Allegiance






As the participant’s age grew, so did the speed of their horses!


Some of the teams made the turns very exciting.








The coordination between rider and horse was fascinating to watch







We hope you enjoyed this four part series on this fun event.  Check out the Volunteer State Pinto Association or look for a similar group in your area.  Make a plan to participate or attend the next event near you. There were many participants, and while we wanted to include a photo from everyone involved, it just wasn’t possible.  

Have you participated in an event like this one, or were you at this event?  Share with us your experiences.

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