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All Hands on at Lowry Park Zoo!

Lowry Park Zoo is located in Tampa, Florida and is 63-acres of fun for everyone.  This wonderful place is open seven days a week with affordable prices to showcase the over thirteen hundred animals!  This fantastic hands-on facility is a must see when you are in the Tampa Bay Florida area. We began visiting the zoo back in the early 2000’s and with each trip saw different and exciting exhibits that bring warm memories today. 

Below is a pictorial walk through of the zoo, with many unique animals and exhibits.  There is no way we can identify every photo, or else we would work at Lowry Park (lol).  Enjoy seeing nature in a very friendly environment.

I knew to smile at the camera, she knew to appreciate the giraffe! I was on Cloud Nine! Being at the Lowry Park Zoo with my children and grandbabies and seeing my favorite animal close up. This little girl in my arms is now 9, getting awards for working hard in school, so happy, so beautiful, and in need of visiting another zoo.


This is a Tapir, that is a large herbivorous mammal. They live in and underwater most of the time, feeding on soft vegetation.

Photos 042.jpg

A warthog and friend rooting for dinner

Photos 047.jpg

Photos 048.jpg

Photos 050.jpg

The monitor will surprise you with their speed and strength!

Photos 094.jpg

This momma Orangutan looks like she is taking a little “her” time laying on her belly, relaxing while baby is napping. Too adorable! They are wonderful mothers and each have their own unique ways of taking care of their babies. Not only cuddle time, carrying them around in their arms, but also teaching them to find food, groom themselves, scheduled times for waking, eating, napping, and play time. We watched a movie clip that showed a 2016 Easter Egg Hunt, and one female Orangutan wore her basket with a ribbon, as a hat!

Photos 097.jpg

The Chimpanzee always seems like he is up to something. Look at this face. Mischievous indeed. 

Photos 098.jpg

Photos 103.jpg

Ring tailed lemurs climbing around

Photos 104.jpg

Photos 105.jpg

Photos 107.jpg

Photos 110.jpg

Photos 116.jpg

Photos 119.jpg

This guy was quick to give us some slack!

Photos 122.jpg

Photos 126.jpg

Can you believe these turtles were racing?

Photos 127.jpg

Photos 129.jpg

Though the ducks did not have an exhibit of their own, they were everywhere

Photos 132.jpg

Photos 136.jpg

Photos 138.jpg

Wile E. Coyote  He and his family live all around our home. We can step outside in the middle of the night and hear their yip, yips. These two coyotes were very active during our trip to the zoo.

Photos 155.jpg

Photos 162.jpg

A Florida alligator always looks menacing!

Photos 167.jpg

Do you think these three are nervous? I certainly would be with my neighbors around…

Photos 169.jpg

Lowry Park Zoo has a few areas with glass to allow you to capture life underwater

Photos 174.jpg

Photos 176.jpg

Photos 178.jpg

Photos 188.jpg

What a great way to cool off at the end of the day! 

Photos 203.jpg

Do you see the baby in the pouch? You won’t see her little face.

Photos 229.jpg

Photos 234.jpg

We are in awe that each and every Zebra has his own stripe pattern!

Photos 235.jpg

So tall and grand, graceful too. We would love to stay at Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi. They could visit our breakfast table every morning. I would be so excited and clapping my hands, that I would forget to get a pic.

Photos 237.jpg

Elephants playing the the noonday sun

Photos 238.jpg

Photos 239.jpg

Hello, handsome. 

Photos 240.jpg

Photos 243.jpg

Photos 247.jpg

One of the opportunities to interact is the camel riding

Photos 256.jpg

Photos 295.jpg

Another hands on exhibit is the ray tank to feel a stingray up close

Photos 302.jpg

Photos 314.jpg

The zoo has fountains centrally located, which in the Florida heat are very welcome

Photos 339.jpg

Make it a must do on your next trip to the Gulf coast of Florida!

What are your favorite zoos to visit and see animals and plant life?

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2 thoughts on “All Hands on at Lowry Park Zoo!

  1. I was there a few years ago and it was fun. Wondering if the chimp is the same one that got angry with the crowds shouting at him. He picked up mud, made them into balls and threw them at all of us (couldn’t blame him!). Nice pictures!


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