The Hub to Magic!

Funny how we often seem to rush through places in our life, working so hard to get to a destination.  It happens in our daily lives as we rush the kids to school, head of to work, and get started on our destinations.  Places that we pass along, and through that if we just took the time to stop and look around would notice many wonderful and creative things.

Once such place often overlooked in the Walt Disney World Theme Park and Resort area in Kissimmee, Florida is the Transportation and Ticket Center. This was the original main parking lot and connection center when the Magic Kingdom theme part first opened on October 1, 1971.  While it still provides a very needed parking lot for the theme park, it has evolved into so much more for your time visiting.

Acres of parking is available, just remember what character and number you parked


Nice to feel the warm Florida sun when you step out to start your journey


There are walking paths marked on the pavement for those who wish to push the strollers or make their own way to the TTC, but they also provide several Trams that travel the distance often. Either way you will have to travel under the Seven Seas Drive.

Disney offers safe travels either means you take to the TTC


The trams are open air and have conductors at the front and rear to make certain everyone reached their destination without injury. 


Mickey Mouse, who recently celebrated his 88th birthday, will be at the entrance to the bridge to greet you!


Notice the details in the overhead sign and entrance marker.  Cinderella’s castle, a very strong reminder of what magic lies ahead is shown.  We appreciate the different colors incorporated into the metal ribbons wrapping around the green post.


As you reach the entrance to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), there is a small merchandise shop which will have refreshments available, and most importantly wheelchairs for rent, if needed.

We love all the different characters on display, can you name them all?


They split the parking areas into two themes: Heroes and Villains.  Thankfully if you are planning to ride the tram at the end of your visit, just choose the correct boarding location for your character.

Notice that there are plenty of covered areas to escape the sun and rain


One of the main functions of the TTC is of course to purchase tickets!  You can easily purchase a ticket to any theme park from this location.


There are always plenty of Disney Castmembers around to provide help, as needed


A view of what you will see once you are leaving the area


The entry fence is decorated with our favorite character – Winnie the Pooh and Piglet


Tigger too!!




Donald Duck


Daisy Duck


Some random pretty woman (lol)


The fencing allows easy passage to separate the people purchasing tickets and entering the area


There are three monorail lines that converge at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).  The Magic Kingdom express monorail travels in a counterclockwise movement and stops only at the Magic Kingdom and the TTC. The Disney Resort monorail travels in a clockwise movement and stops at all the resorts located on the Seven Seas Lagoon along with the Magic Kingdom and TTC.  The EPCOT monorail travels in a loop back and forth to guess where……yes EPCOT!

All modes of transportation are clearly marked for travels


This is the another main function of the Transportation and Ticket Center, the transportation by buses of people to other Walt Disney World resorts, theme parks and attractions.

It is easy to catch a bus to any location you desire, with no fee required!


More bus parking, there are even large group buses allowed to park in this lot


There are two sets of women’s, men’s and companion bathrooms to meet all your needs.  The transportation and ticket center also offers the landing and boarding area on the Polynesian Village side for the ferryboat to travel back and forth directly to Magic Kingdom.  This is always a favorite for the kids, and offers a relaxing view of the resorts and the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Next time you are traveling through the TTC working so hard to get onto your day’s adventures at Magic Kingdom, EPCO, or other entertainment venue at Walt Disney World, take the time to look around at this wonderful hub to all the magic.

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