Holding back the flood waters…

There are times in life when we find ourselves when stress is almost overwhelming.  So many things at that moment in time pressing on us, that makes us feel like we going to lose control.  That the flood waters will break through and we don’t know what will happen.

It is at these times we need to remember five simple steps to overcome the moment:

  • Remove yourself from the moment
  • Seek your support
  • Realize what is really happening
  • Let go of the unimportant
  • Look around for support
  • Get rid of the negative


Remove yourself from the moment

Whether you are at work, or home, or find yourself receiving information causing it difficult to understand, take the time to separate yourself from the events at hand. If there are others pressing for a decision, ask for a moment to think and gather your thoughts.  Walk outside or into another room, allow yourself the chance to clear your thoughts and consider all that is going on at that time.

Seek your support

Take a deep breath, relax.  Allow yourself a moment to meditate or reach out to God in prayer and ask for help and guidance. Slowing your breathing and focusing your thoughts will allow you to think better and more clearly.  It allows you a small break in the action to hear and consider better courses of action to handle the situations at hand.

Realize what is really happening

Many times we find ourselves in “emergencies” that are the result of other people’s actions, in-actions, or what we think is happening.  Look for facts and understand that when pressed, our emotions may try to override those facts.  Determine for yourself what is the real reason for the situations causing the stress.  Think about how to correct those situations, even if temporary.

Let go of the unimportant

Take the time to address those items that are most important.  There may be more than one, but take it one at a time and get that situation to a point where it is stable or at temporarily resolved.  Taking the items one by one, working on the most important will allow you the ability to let the unimportant items either resolve themselves or others to determine ways they can address the issues.  It will not make them go away, but if is not important, it will have to wait.

Get rid of the negative

Consider all the people, outside influences, and sources of input that are creating this stressful time.  Are any of them just releasing their negative energy and venting on your time?   Let those elements know that you will give them the time they are looking at a leter time, or offer an alternate method of them achieving their desires.  Giving them the credibility that they are important, but you are unable to correct that situation may allow that situation to calm down.

It is impossible to make a generic answer that will solve every stressful time in our life.  If we are able to consider these five steps, we can eliminate many of those stressful times. Steady and secure, knowing we can hold back the flood waters yet again.

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