It’s the little things that matter ~ Hoshi Chao V8.0 Subtle changes

This has been an exciting ride for us!  We are now at the point in our renovations that changes are very minor.  Most of the changes are really with the gadgets and items that we utilize to make our life more enjoyable, rather than upgrades to the trailer.  So with all that introduction this will be probably the last article on Hoshi Chao unless something major happens (hopefully to the good). 

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There have been several trips taken with our fifth wheel. She has been named “Hoshi Chao”, which means Stars Nest in Chinese, because we felt the need to name her and since she is the nest for us and all of our family and friends on our trips it seems appropriate. All of the systems in the trailer are working well.  All the finishes have been completed to our satisfaction, in fact we recently purchased paint to touch-up all the colors since we are now dinging and scratching areas from use.

The title of this article seemed so correct for this point in time as we are now fine tuning the items within and without the trailer making it more and more a good fit to us and our lifestyle.  This happens in every home, even if it is a home-away-from-home trailer.  Once you determine how you like to utilize the trailer and the activities you will be doing, you find all the neat items to make life easier and better.

We found that we didn’t care much for sitting up at the counter and eating, but as we sat outside and in the family area of Hoshi Chao we needed a flat surface or top.  Looking online for TV trays or computer lap desks gave us some ideas.  Best of all though, when discussing this with my mom, she shared that she and my dad had purchased a couple from back when they traveled in their RV and trailer down to Texas.  She was kind enough to share them with us, now that made it even more special.  So each time we pull out the folding lap tables or TV trays, whatever you call them, I can think of the two of them in years past enjoying their travels.  Couldn’t be any more special to me!! 

2016-11-12 18.49.48.jpg

Now underneath the tray above you will notice a wine colored soft and comfy blanket that has electrical wires running throughout. With the temperatures getting colder, we felt we needed to upgrade the blankets from just quits in Hoshi Chao to electric blankets.  So two were purchased, one for the master bedroom and one for the couch/bed in the family area.  Let’s say they were warmly received (lol).

To the left of my extended hand below, you will notice a newer small mid-level shelf has been added to the shelving units.  Yes, I know it needs to be painted still, but we found that will all the electrical gadgets we required another shelf that was not as visible to plug in our devices without creating such a cluttered area.


The family resting area needed a little ambiance, and yes since it is getting cooler, another electric heating device is always welcome.  It is amazing how quickly and effectively these units can heat up the area!  When all the lights are out, the (fake) fireplace offers a very romantic feel. 

2016-11-12 18.50.15.jpg

Current televisions are based on the concept of bouncing their sounds off the lower back portion of the wall or surface out.  This does not always work well enough in the trailer, and too many times means you have to turn the volume up to levels which are annoying, don’t allow you to communicate, and on the outside of the trailer are obnoxious.  Enter old technology in the form of computer speakers.  Yes, I know they make wireless and wired sound bars and speakers, but when you have free outdated speakers laying around, what a simple solution.  Now the volume is half of what it used to be and you can easily listen and carry on a conversation.

2016-11-12 18.50.20.jpg

While we love abandoned bird’s nests, we realized that there were just too many to take care of, and a couple that were falling apart.  Poor construction techniques and didn’t meet Codes (lol).  The remaining ones we elected to clean up with some sprucing and pulling of broken and items falling out and then spraying with a lacquer.  This sealed and protected the remaining nests and gave a very nice appearance. Also we had to bring into Hoshi Chao my grandfather’s lucky horseshoe that was purchased back in the early 70’s from Dollywood! 

2016-11-12 18.50.50.jpg

Though we would show you a look at how well the trays worked for an impromptu steak dinner.

2016-11-12 19.08.01.jpg

Lastly, we realized we needed a little more light in the family resting area, and the overhead lights can be a bit too much when you are not trying to read.  Some white icicle lights were threaded into our mesh netting and shell display and that provided a very special touch.  


Like I stated in the beginning, these really did not alter our Hoshi Chao, but definitely made out time living and resting within a much better ex0erience!

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