What’s out there, it’s a mystery?

What’s under there? Who walked here?  What’s inside those beautiful mountains? Are there caves? Trails undiscovered and treasures not seen?

If you are careful and quiet, you can sit for awhile. When you do this, you find, nature is relaxing and nourishes your body, soul and mind. From this time you have taken, you might form a rhyme. From this rhyme you might write a line. This line might become a poem. This line might become a drawing. 


If you are pushing your toes in to the cold mountain stream, you will remember one thing. It is Cold! If you reach in to the water, maybe you will pull out a little bit of Fool’s Gold. Or find a pretty lil’ geode. Round a corner, and to every one’s delight, large Elk are running from sight. 

Slowly driving through Cade’s Cove, you will see a whole village. One of the churches holds a cemetery, but in one of the trees a Momma Bear and her Cub, you are sure to see. Far, far back is a little cabin where two people might have met. Maybe it was where they held each other tight, kissing all through the night. 

 Beautiful views of colors, mountains and more mountains holding trees with leaves that are showing their folded delicate spring green. Bursting forth with the morning light, displaying flower blooms. Mountain wild flowers sprinkled all through, in and around the woods, waving at us as we pass by. Or, dancing, in the breeze, on the side of a hill. 

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