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Late Autumn Images

If we told you there was a cave under these rocks, would you be curious enough to search for the entrance? If we said there is a sink hole, would you hop up and down on the caved in soft area, or run for your life? Exploring in the woods or wood, is so different because you really can get turned around or disoriented. The sounds can seem so different, especially when you are father into the dense woods. 

These are the last few images of Autumn around our home as the temperatures begin to dip into the lower 30’s and lower on a regular  basis.  Soon, these woods will have a white blanket, ready or not. 

2016-10-22 11.35.44.jpg2016-10-22 11.36.17.jpg2016-10-22 11.36.22.jpg2016-10-22 11.36.34.jpg2016-10-22 11.36.47.jpg2016-10-22 11.38.23.jpg2016-10-22 11.38.53.jpg2016-10-22 11.40.38.jpg2016-10-22 11.40.52.jpg2016-10-22 11.41.06.jpg2016-10-22 11.41.39.jpg2016-10-22 11.41.50.jpg2016-10-22 11.43.19.jpg2016-10-22 11.44.06.jpg2016-10-22 11.44.24.jpg2016-10-22 11.52.11.jpg2016-10-22 11.53.00.jpg2016-10-22 11.54.16.jpg2016-10-22 11.55.47.jpg2016-10-22 11.56.28.jpg

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