When will the tunnel end?

My head ached.  Hard, throbbing, pounding pain.  Slumped over in the back seat of a car.  Whose car is it?  How did I get here?  

My last memory was standing outside of the store glancing at the window display waiting for my meeting with Joey.  He was late, as usual, but what just happened?  As I reach up to feel the bump on my head, my fingers feel the cold cool traces of blood.  My blood!  What is going on?

I see two men in the front seat, the one on the right occasionally glancing back to make certain I was still there.  Who were these two?  Neither one of them was Joey.  Joey who was my best friend since college.  Where was he?  Was he involved with these two guys?

Our plans were to grab a bite at some newer place Joey had found.  Joey had been working at a firm in Detroit before relocating back to Baltimore this past month.  He landed a position with one of the larger firms in D.C.,  and I was just glad to have my old friend back in town.  Is he tied up in this situation?  

“What do you guys want?”  I ask loud enough for both to hear.  Pain immediately began searing across my face as a gun came crashing across my skull. The man on the right clearly is not a talker.  My eyes still blurry, I gaze up and realize we are in a tunnel.  I don’t recall ever traveling in this one before.  Though my vision is still too blurry to make out precise details.  

Where am I heading, what in the world is going on? What are these two planning to do with me? When will this tunnel end….?   

2016-11-20 09.38.16 - Copy.jpg

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