Sound the whistle, we are on a ferry?

Hear the whistle blowing?  The sights and sounds of traveling on a ferry boat are an experience to share!

Last week we shared with you The Hub to Magic! which detailed the workings of the Transportation and Ticket Center in Walt Disney World.  A place that has evolved into so much activity and function, that most people rush on through trying to get to the next destination.

Following the October 1, 1971 grand opening for the Magic Kingdom theme park, it was realized that with the increasing crowds and ongoing operating issues with the two Osceola style steamships in place to transport the crowds from the park to the Transportation and Ticket Center. The decision was made to utilize the Tampa Bay Drydocks for the construction of the first two ferry boats.

They were initially named Magic Kingdom I and II, measuring 120′ long, 34′ wide, with a double decker platform that carried almost double the original load around 600-650 passengers. With the third boat, the Kingdom Queen completed, renaming of the three boats in honor of three men who were involved in managing the construction of the Magic Kingdom.  They became the Admiral Joe Fowler, the Richard F. Irvine, and the General Joe Potter.

The ferry dock is located on the left side of the Transportation and Ticket Center between the monorails and the Polynesian Village Resort

IMG_1191 - Copy.JPG

The views of Seven Seas Lagoon offer a few resorts and Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom

IMG_1192 - Copy.JPG

There are usually two ferry boats in operation allowing for smooth movement of people

IMG_1195 - Copy.JPG

Safety measures are in place for easy docking and boarding of passengers

IMG_1199 - Copy.JPG

Round trip takes a little over a half an hour, depending on the wait time for loading


These boats require refueling about every two weeks over at the Bay Lake dry dock


The waiting area offers a covered area for relief from the weather

IMG_1208 - Copy.JPG

Love the creative excitement from those on vacation at Walt Disney World

IMG_1209 - Copy.JPG

This ride is free to everyone and a great way to exit and enter the park with less stress.  Make certain to check it out on your next vacation.

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