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Holiday decorations that are truly Magical!

The end of the year is a very special time for us!  We love the holidays, actually starting with Halloween, add in Thanksgiving, and then the decoration extravaganza of Christmas and New Years!  It makes our live so much more fun fo many reasons, time with family and friends, special holiday foods, and having celebrations to look forward to and participate.

Taking time to enjoy seeing the Christmas decorations is probably one of our favorite things to do.  A place that takes pride in doing a fantastic job on the decorations is in Magic Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World Resort.  From the entrance to the park, to the decorations on the buildings, to of course Cinderella’s Castle decorations, it makes for a fantastic display!!

Entrance to the park is decorated warmly and with rich colors


Holiday flowers create an area with rich colors


There is a beautiful and tall Christmas tree in the Main Street area

2013-12-29 10.56.36.jpg

The overhead street and building decorations are many and colorful

2013-12-29 10.57.30.jpg

Catch the special holiday parades with the themed floats


Notice the beautiful flowers on the side of the buildings


The Christmas tree at night is spectacular!!


There are special displays on the Castle and colorful frosty lights 


We wish everyone Peace on Earth and a Merry Christmas to all!


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