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Topical and inviting ~ Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

As the winter months loom off in the near time frame, what better thoughts to share than those of a tropical paradise.  A place where there is a Polynesian theme, incredible lush plants and flowers, two heated luxury pools and sun deck areas, a volcano themed water slide, and the sound of tropical music filtering throughout. These are just a few of the ways to describe the Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World.

One of the original resorts that opened in 1971 along with the Magic Kingdom, this resort has been upgraded, renovated, Disney Vacation Clubbed’ and remains a true piece of paradise.

We shared in our article Lush Waterfall ~ Vintage Polynesian Lobby Photos photos of the recently renovated lobby area with the original waterfall.  This photo essay is to share some of the exterior photos and how wonderful the new lobby area looks and functions with the added space.This resort is a must see when you are at Walt Disney World.  Whether you are there to enjoy an incredible meal at O’Hana upstairs, to catch a meal with a show such as at the Disney’s Spirit of Aloha, to stay at the resort and enjoy relaxing and playing at the pools, or to just take a romantic walk around and over to the Wedding Pavilion along Seven Seas Lagoon, this paradise needs to be on your list of things to do!!

Walt Disney World Resort Map – Polynesian Village is up and on left side


Walking from the Transportation and Ticket Center is easy 


Shady tropical walkways


Beautiful themed guesthouses


There are property maps throughout to keep your directions


My favorite are the tiki’s throughout


The polynesian theme is carried to the top of the buildings


A walkway that takes you to the new bungalos on the lake


Tropical flowers in colorful display


Torch lit paths to lead your way


There are plenty of grassy areas which sometimes have little brown rabbits resting


A covered shelter at the relaxing pool


Lush green foliage with bamboo rattling in the breeze


Recently renovated relaxing pool and shelters


Nearing the Great Ceremonial House


Close up view of the resort layout


Patios and balconies at one of the guesthouses


Beautiful tropical flowers


Decorative signs to each of the buildings 


Inside view of the new lobby area


Creative overhead decorations and lighting elements


Spacious and functional with a tropical setting lobby


Gift shops upstairs and downstairs off the lobby


A beautiful waterfall pool outside at the entrance


One of our favorite places at Walt Disney World to relax and reconnect with each other, a romantic paradise.  

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