Wonderful delights await you in Chicago’s Chinatown

At the northeast junction of Interstates 90 and 55 in south Chicago you can find wonderful Chinese shopping for all kinds of clothing, jewelry, household furnishings, and yes incredible food!

Chicago’s Chinatown  is centered around Cermak and Wentworth Avenues, and is home to the second oldest settlement of Chinese in the United States.  The 1800’s saw an anti-Chinese movement on the west coast, which caused suffering for many Chinese individuals and forced them to travel east to seeking a better home. With the completion of the First Continental Railroad in 1869, travel to Chicago was easier and the relocation east began building.  With a steady growing population, this area on the south part of the loop, became established in the early 1900’s as a thriving community.

Since that time, Chinatown has developed into a strong business and residential community.  The Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce now plays a strong role in representing and servicing the community.  As stated on their website, “Founded in 1983, the Chamber’s mission is to improve and expand business opportunities and to educate others on the history, culture, and customs of the Chinese American community.” Click on their name above to see their website and all the opportunities and events.

This areas is easy to access by car, though parking takes a little patience.  Public transportation makes it better on foot. Reachable by CTA bus lines, and through the “L” Cermak-Chinatown stop.  As you begin the holiday shopping season, take the time to explore this remarkable neighborhood for wonderful gift and dining ideas. It is an adventure you will not forget.

Nine dragon wall off corner of Cermak Avenue


Entrance to an area filled with surprises on Wentworth Avenue


Retail shops down along the way


Decorative and ornate features on all several buildings


There are fresh vegetables and meats arriving daily


Chinatown is located just south of the downtown area in the NE corner of the loop


Map of the area provided by the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce


Road signs in both English and Chinese


A mixture of new and old designs can be seen


Chinese Square Community Park 




There are beautiful displays of ancient Chinese script throughout the neighborhoods













There are many opportunities for all your shopping and dining needs


Several of the retail businesses offer fine Chinese silk products


Take the opportunity to shop a Chinese food market to see the various ingredients and spices


Celebrate the wonderful Chinese culture in south Chicago as soon as you can.  Such a great place to find wonderful delights! 

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