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Amy Grant & Vince Gill ~ Christmas at the Ryman Concert

This past Wednesday evening the Ryman Auditorium on November 30, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee saw the opening night of the Amy Grant & Vince Gill Christmas Concert. Click here for more information and ticket availability on the Ryman website. From the start of the show with holiday songs, through their personal hits, and some special surprises, this is a show you can’t miss!

This musical entertainment couple performed for around three hours on this evening with musical guests including a young and upcoming couple from Chicago and a youth violin group from the Nashville area. They both have careers over 30 years in the country, pop and Christian music industry.


The show stated at 7:30 pm, with a choir singing holiday favorites as you find your seat. It was a full house on opening night, and from the tickets that are still available on the website, you need to book yours today!


There is truly no better venue for music than the Ryman Auditorium.  This building has so much history to the music industry, with incredible acoustics, and a constant schedule of performers with a variety of shows to entertain everyone.


This choir provided so many beautiful Christmas songs from the past.


Give yourself time to find parking and to get through the crowd and into your seat.


At the top of the picture below, notice all the acoustical panels and the lighting technicians ready for the show.


The windows throughout this building are fascinating with many having original stained glass panels.


For this opening night, Amy opened the show, but Vince was soon joining her onstage.  The two sang songs individually and then sang some duets.


Vince’s guitars were hot all night long as he demonstrated his great skills.


The show was made more memorable with the repetoire between Amy and Vince as they shared their stories and background behind the songs and their family life.  Such a loving and warm couple.


Not to be outdone, Amy displayed her guitar abilities on several of the songs.This is a very talented duo.


Though this picture is stretching my limit on the iphone5, it captures a very special moment when their youngest daughter came onstage and sang a beautiful rendition for the holidays.


The supporting band with guitars, drums, and keyboards were fantastic and kept your feet moving all night long.


There was a brief intermission around the nine o’clock hour, when Amy took time to change her attire.


Notice the youth violin group in the photo below as they accompanied Amy & Vince.  A very talented group of which we will be hearing more from their individuals in the years to come.


The finale included bringing all groups onto the stage to sing a strong Christmas song that touched all those in attendance.


This concert is a must do for the holiday season, especially if you are fans of Amy Grant or Vince Gill.  They are two wonderful individuals and very talented singers and musicians.

Check out the ticket availability and head to the Ryman Auditorium to make your Christmas season special! 

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