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Lot’s to do at the Settlement & Marina

We are an outdoor family. Rain, sunshine, hot or cold, we can enjoy Florida’s weather every day. We camp at Fort Wilderness Campground because we can be outside all day and all night long. As grown-ups and we have to make ourselves take a nap or go to bed.

One place we find a great getaway while at Fort Wilderness is the Settlement and Marina area.  This is at the north side of the property and borders on Bay Lake. There is so much to see and do, or to just sit back and relax. We have passed on many articles in the past that share various special parts of this area, click below if you have not had the opportunity to read them:

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FWC Trail’s End Restaurant Review

Visiting the Settlement and Marina is so easy, even if you are not staying at the resort.  Make reservations at either of the restaurant choices, or take a boat from the Magic Kingdom entrance area (accessed by the Ticket and Transportation Center).  While ithere are certainly many things to have fun at any of the theme parks, you will find lots of fun activities for yourselves and your family at Fort Wilderness.

It is so easy to wake up early on a gorgeous sunny day and head out to play. Gardenia in my hair shows we were over by the white ponies and the stable with the Percherons. If you have not been to the stables, go. Then hurry over here because I hear the boat horn.


The beach area is so relaxing. We relax in the chairs and take pictures of the boats coming and going. This is a great place to sit at night to view the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.


This is Pioneer Hall. You have Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue Restaurant and Trail’s End Restaurant. Make reservations and eat, eat, eat!


We got some take out from Trail’s End for two of our beautiful grandbabies.


No swimming! No wading. This is Florida and this is a lake. We do have alligators. Recently Disney installed netting fences around all natural water areas to prevent issues with animals.


Oh, my Clementine……bittersweet song…..ending is rather strong.


The moss filled trees are just so beautiful. So soft and alluring to the eye.


We have not sampled Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, but we have walked by and stared longingly at the table laden with amazing smelling food and the people eating!


The beach area offers a chance to relax or get as active as you would like.  Setup for individuals and groups, you can always find something entertaining.


We have seen a lot of wildlife at camp. Ducks, otter, alligator, bunnies, deer.


This is usually how far over we sit on the beach. I love when it is freshly swept and my bare feet touch the cool sand. We close our eyes and listen to the boats announcing their arrival.


Maybe you would like to rent a boat and fish early in the day….


On the right, the smaller boat arrives to take you to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge or Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


To the left of the pier, the larger boat takes you to Magic Kingdom. Disney music is playing and you can sit outside or inside on the boat. Even if you are not going to the theme park, take the boat just to relax.


Little boat, Big boat!


The shack on the left is where you will rent the fishing excursions and boats to play on Bay Lake.


Some happy woman with a full belly from Trail’s End Restaurant who took on a bear….Wait, that was another story.


Before you go to the dock, visit the


Same woman about 16 years later different hair and still loving the whole camping experience with her sweet man.


A very lucky and blessed man.


Can you still hear the sound of the horns?


Wanna go parasailing over Bay Lake?


This awesome park is right before Clementine’s Beach and across from Trail’s End Restaurant. Here is one of our beautiful babies with another one of our beautiful grandbabies.



The Bus Transportation-A plus because they run all day and until 2 a.m. and they are wonderfully air conditioned. There is a map so you can see if you need to take the Purple, Orange, Yellow buses for the three routes.



Plenty of parking for the golf carts and bicycles.  This area gets very busy around dinner time, take your time and enjoy the people watching.


Stop in for a meal, it is hearty and filling!


The kids always enjoy playing, and there are usually other new friends to play with.


Two of our grandkids enjoying the day.


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