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Pecos Bill’s Great Food and Value

When visiting any theme park, one of the biggest in park cost you need to consider is food and drinks.  Inside the Magic Kingdom situated between Adventureland and Frontierland rests Pecos Bill’s restaurant offering very tasty food, at a very affordable rates.  This value is especially true considering the delicious accessory bar provided to take your meal to a higher level.  

Do not be fooled by seeing empty chairs. This is an extremely popular place to eat in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. We just happened to be around near their closing time. This really makes it a bit more fun sometimes because you can really get some great pictures. As we walk around, we realize we miss some of the charm because we are standing in line, eating, and leaving.


One feature we appreciate about the “chairs” is that they have no backs. We can be carrying a full try, push the seat out with our shoe, sit down, wrap a foot around the bottom and pull ourselves up to the table. Hands free to hand out the food to our hungry family, pray, and eat. 


Consider yourself absolutely lucky to snag a table during regular meal times. A good suggestion is to have one person in your group split up and search for a table while you are ordering.


The interior is themed in an inviting Spanish motif.




There are several Castmember stands ready to take your order and keep wait time to a minimum.


The menu is easily visible overhead for your selections.


The salad bar with many assortments and sauces is always kept stocked well, unless you catch them at closing (lol).


There is typically a Castmember located behind the counter at all times keeping items fresh and neat.


Salsa verde!!  Yes!





Anyone know what these are for?


There are several tables and chairs outside to offer great shaded views of the park.




Whether for lunch or dinner, Pecos Bill’s is a great value and a wonderful place to rest for a few moments while at Magic Kingdom.  It is a good way to get more for your hard earned dollar at a great taste!

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