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Tracing History

Today, tomorrow,and so on. Might we work hard to preserve our family tree.

We love to reminisce about memories of family members so, we are making more of an effort to write them down.  

We are realizing that the roots of the tree are the strengths and hardships that our family, as a whole, has endured. Finding more information only helps our tree to grow.

Even though we are traveling in to the future, someone in our family will be looking back on us. Our dream is to blend information our parents have, with work and time we put in, to leave for our children, their children, and so on.  

Someone in our family might be just as curious as we were. We want them to find that we worked hard and loved raising beautiful children, proud of being a family , curious about our history. Ever persistent in recording what we were told and discovered . That we took special time to help preserve our precious family tree.

When we work on our family genealogy, we realize we love the challenge of the search. When we trace history we are digging through clues, piecing them together to solve mysteries.  

We discover our family was persistent. They pushed through, or went over and around, life’s hardships and kept on going. We realize even though they are not with us on this earth, they are our inspiration. 

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