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It takes kids to create a Village

One of the more fun projects with the grandkids that I can recall was completed last night.  Together we created our own little gingerbread village.  It was a kit purchased from one of the big box stores, but oh my how much fun our family had watching the it come to life!!


There were five building in all, each was baked and pressed from a large piece.  Separating the sides of the buildings and the roof was easy with a little care.  Using the icing as glue, we remembered it was a lot easier if you lay down a line of icing on the bottom for the first couple of pieces to secure themselves while joining their sides.


Now trying to make each one look like the box proved for this neanderthal a little difficult.  The tip of the icing was just too large and my hands could not get inside to all the faces of building panels once they were set in place.


So we improvised, and did our best to make each building unique and neat looking for the kids to decorate.  Once the icing was outlining all the windows and doors, I drizzled it across the entire village board to catch loose sprinkles.


The kids loved taking turns with the four different types of sprinkles and topping colors.  Well, that was not all they loved once we were done with the icing!!


So there you have it, a 30-minute project that they talked about and kept looking at for hours.  Now they are excited to tear it apart and eat!


Whether you make your own, buy a kit, make a large house, or do a village like we did, we encourage you and yours to take a little time to create a little magic in your home this Christmas season.

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