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Cinderella’s Castle ~ Dollhouse Project 2

Putting together Cinderella’s Castle for our daughter to give to her daughter was so much fun last night.  These larger dollhouses easily allow for use of the smaller and regular sized 12″ dolls, giving the children hours of playtime with whatever doll they prefer.  If you have a child in your life that likes to play with dolls or action figures, check out Kidcraft and their long list of available dollhouses.  They are easy to assemble, sturdy and so much fun to watch the kids play.

We found ourselves putting together another wonderful dollhouse for one of our grandchildren last night.  While this one was made by Kidcraft similar to the one we assembled earlier, it was most definitely different.  The Cinderella Castle dollhouse was more detailed and included bolts and connections for the sides to all three levels, making this project a little more time consuming, but very sturdy once completed.

We completed putting another Kidcraft dollhouse together for our granddaughter to play with at our house, you can read about that project here. 

The smaller parts were packaged inside two boxes to make it easier to locate and assemble.


Make certain you have plenty of room to shake out all the larger pieces. I recommend placing the parts in numerical order against a wall or object, as the instructions will take you through the process in that manner.


Both of the dollhouse projects we assembled this year came in boxes approximately 40″ long, 24″ wide, and 6″ high.  They were both about 30 pounds, making them easy for anyone to maneuver and handle.  Consider putting them together before Christmas though, they take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to assemble, and if you are doing this in the morning after it has been opened by the child, they may not be that patient.


Instructions are clear and easy to follow. You can use a screwdriver for the various size screws, but a chordless drill makes the job much quicker and easier.  There are points where an extra pair of hands is needed, but generally it can be assembled by one person.


You start out working from the bottom level up, so give yourself plenty of room to get around the rising dollhouse.


A completed Cinderella’s dollhouse.  I will say the hinges on the top level and small screws provided are not as sturdy as they need to be, and will be the first things that require repair once the child plays with the Castle.


So there you have it, another easy and fun dollhouse that your child can play with for a long time.  This is a definite winner for children who like dolls, and with the big box stores are very affordable.

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