Did we need another thing to worry about?

Continuing on with our wonderful story of this little cat that decided to adopt our family…

If you recall, it was early this spring when Jasmine chose us to be her adopted family.  She is an outside cat, a stray we found stopping by our country home.  She was small, and underfed, and looking so scraggly.  What started with putting food and water outside away from the house, as she would NOT come near, turned into her becoming a warm “meow” when I arrive home from work.  

Now we are into another phase of our relationship.  We would love to be able to welcome Jasmine into our home but two individuals are very strongly allergic to cats.  That being said, now that the colder weather has crept into the area, we are struggling with how to best take care of her through the winter months.  Last week I constructed a cat house (no pun intended), which she had no interest in being a part.  Where she lives during the day we do not know, there are too many acres of woods around us.  


What has happened to us now that our children are grown and out of the nest, is that we find ourselves worrying about Jasmine!  She stopped coming around last week after Tuesday evening, and we became very concerned. Thankfully on Friday evening when the sky was just getting dark (which is getting earlier and earlier), our beautiful girl came around.  I gave her some more food and water, and sat down to appreciate her with petting and brushing.  Did I really need another thing to worry about???


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2 thoughts on “Did we need another thing to worry about?

  1. Our son has put a heating pad on a chair on his covered front porch for the cat that has adopted them. It is a warm place for it to sleep on a cold night. With the fur coat yours is wearing, it probably stays warm.


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