Making the story special…


As the coffee was delivered, Scott smiled across the table.  Feeling the love that had grown from their many years together, she reached out her hand and touched his. It has been a long day for both of them.  Stopping in at their favorite coffee house made the day seem to slow down as soon as they both arrived. She was the first to arrive, which gave her time to spend working on her latest novel.  This story was closer to her heart.  Taking more time than she had been able to commit as of late.  With the holidays, there were just too many things pulling at her schedule. The problem was that it was always in her thoughts.

As another idea came to her, she quickly typed, adding a few more lines to her latest novel before the second cup was delivered to the table. “Olivia is a brilliant story weaver, and I firmly believe with blunt ideas thrown out to the wind, she will grab one and develop quite a few clever novels.” Jennifer stated firmly. Weaving her granddaughter into the story line made this a very special project, one in which she hoped would touch and inspire Olivia to believe in her own abilities.

“Jennifer, Olivia is eleven, and was probably daydreaming, not hearing a word you said.” he stated dryly, unaware how much the words stung. The expression on her face made him immediately aware though he said too much.  “Sorry, she is going to love her part of the story Sweepea. Be patient and it will develop, you can do this!” 

With this last comment,  Jennifer closed her laptop, and smiled again.  All of her books have been special, and have a place in her heart due to the circumstances and people who helped the writing process.  “It has to touch her, I want her to feel our love through this character. That’s why I need to get inside her thoughts, to make it real!”  

Smiling with pride at the passion she shared, Scott moved to her side, bent down and kissed her cheek.  Touching her face softly and gently, lifting her face up to get her attention. “I love you beautiful, and I stand behind you on this huge mission you have strapped yourself with, It is going to be special, and it will reach her”  

Scott slowly backed out of the room, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. Speed dialing his grandkids was common, and she knew he was going to set up another time to spend with Olivia.  Time they would be be able to bond, and grow closer, and to develop the story together.  Jennifer smiled, it was special writing with Olivia, for so many reasons.

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