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Success Through Setting Goals

Take time to consider where you are today.  Have you become the person you had wanted?  Are you financially in the position you desire?  Are you spending your time doing the things you want?  Are there changes you would like to make to make your life or your family’s life  better?  Do you want to see you business more profitable, or reaching larger markets?  



Many of us have dreams and desires, and want to see changes happen, but fail to take the steps to make them happen.  Now I am not a fan of what they call “resolutions”, but am a big believer in setting goals to make yourself and your business’ successful.  Success is different for everyone, but one thing is clear success starts with determining where you want to go.  Find goals that move you, goals that inspire you to move beyond where you are today.

List your goals, be clear and concise listing what you want to achieve.  Make it so you easily understand where you want to go by looking at the goal. What are the things you want to achieve individually, as a company, or as a family?  Consider how can I make my life and my family’s life better?  Goal setting can sometimes require you to get out of your normal surroundings and allow the time to have quiet clear thoughts without the regular interruptions.

Develop an action plan for your goals.  Without action, your goals are merely wishes. What steps can be taken today, this week, this month to get closer to your end goal.  List these action steps into your strategy plan. Your strategy plan should be measurable allowing you to clearly see on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis how much closer you are to reaching your goals.  By seeing yourself getting closer with each passing step, you will gain momentum which helps you reach your goals quicker.

The next step is sometimes the most difficult, taking the action to move from where you are now, to where you want to be with your goal.  Many times we have habits, activities, and practices in our daily lives that we like, are comfortable with, and are hard to change.  Some of your goals are going to require you to make changes, as indicated in your action plan. In baseball it is hard to steal second base, if you are unwilling to take your foot off of first base. Take action, follow your plan.

You are on the right track now!  You know what your goals are, have developed the action plan, and are doing the steps to reach your goals.  Make certain you keep your goals in front of you.  Tape them on your bathroom mirror.  Place them in your purse or wallet.  Put them on your screensaver or phone.  The point is you want to keep your eyes on the prize, because life is full of distractions.  We all still have responsibilities and routines each and every day that if we are not careful, will pull us completely away from our action plan.  

Success is defined different for each and every person.  Reaching your goals, and seeing your life develop into the way you desire can be achieved.  Following these simple and effective tips will help as you put the action to your plans.

We hope that goal setting becomes not only a year-end effort, but a regular activity in your life to make the small adjustments in your personal, business, and family life to enrich and fulfill all your dreams! 


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