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White Sand Castle

broken pieces laying about stooping down to take a look knowing in your heart your treasure is gone all the pretty jewels washed up on the shore sand getting stuck between toes pull out your pockets and empty them out turning over your purse you dump the contents on the bed all the little smiling… Continue reading White Sand Castle

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Tracing History

Today, tomorrow,and so on. Might we work hard to preserve our family tree. We love to reminisce about memories of family members so, we are making more of an effort to write them down.   We are realizing that the roots of the tree are the strengths and hardships that our family, as a whole,… Continue reading Tracing History

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Friendship Comes in Small Gestures

Open heart. When she accepts you for being yourself. She watched you grow through young motherhood to grandparent. She always made you feel like you belonged, right from the start. With kind words, she kept you in her daily prayers. Through troubles and heartache, she offered her kind words. She never gave you reason to… Continue reading Friendship Comes in Small Gestures

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Drawing closer…

As the 2016 holidays draw closer, we find ourselves thinking about those loved ones who have passed on recently.  One of those we think of often is my Grandma Staley. You see a few years back my mom’s mother went on ahead to be with the Lord. So while we sometimes find ourselves a little… Continue reading Drawing closer…


Remembered in Each of Us

 We were thumbing through pictures and stopped at this family photo. The happy smiles of our children, and the look on their Grandpa’s face, made this picture stand out.   This is my husband’s dad. He was the oldest of six boys. He was born and  raised in Oolitic, Indiana. His mother took all the… Continue reading Remembered in Each of Us

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The Barn Whispers…

Tell the story again, but slower, I whispered back. I’m writing it down. Sitting in the tall grass, legs stretched out in front of me, I hear your whispers. My back is to you, but I’m not surprised when you begin to talk. I’ve heard you before. If I am quiet and listen, I hear… Continue reading The Barn Whispers…

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National Teddy Bear Day – September 9

Almost a month has passed since National Teddy Bear Day. This is my teddy bear that I have had for 48 years. His little belly had a round ball that when you squeezed him, he would squeak. That wonderful little part of him quit working about seven years ago. I will admit I was a… Continue reading National Teddy Bear Day – September 9