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Topical and inviting ~ Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

As the winter months loom off in the near time frame, what better thoughts to share than those of a tropical paradise.  A place where there is a Polynesian theme, incredible lush plants and flowers, two heated luxury pools and sun deck areas, a volcano themed water slide, and the sound of tropical music filtering… Continue reading Topical and inviting ~ Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Trendy holidays on the Magnificent Mile

On the north side of Chicago’s downtown along and surrounding Michigan Avenue are some of the most wonderful and trendy shops for fashion. This is known as the Magnificent Mile, and is so established and popular that you can follow the area and find all the information you need to plan you incredible shopping trip… Continue reading Trendy holidays on the Magnificent Mile

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Chicago’s Stylish Neighborhoods ~ Architectural Review

In honor of the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 Major League Baseball World Series last night, we are offering this tribute to a wonderful city.  A city very rich in history and in diversity.  This diversity is shown as you travel all around the city in the various neighborhoods through the architectural styles and designs… Continue reading Chicago’s Stylish Neighborhoods ~ Architectural Review

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Church Architecture in Chicago

A look through several architectural styles and designs for churches in Chicago.  Buildings designed for a purpose, with a message, to convey the designer’s style, and to enhance the neighborhood. As with most of Chicago, a wide variety through only a few selections from a city full of style! Hope you enjoy these walking photos… Continue reading Church Architecture in Chicago

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Spanning the bridges of NYC

A few images from around and over a couple of New York City’s magnificent bridges. Architecture and engineering, spanning waters and land, connecting people and places.  We love bridges and always enjoy a closer view of the design and styles!  Hope you enjoy these photos of the bridge structures, and the skyline city views when you cross.… Continue reading Spanning the bridges of NYC