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Cinderella’s Castle ~ Dollhouse Project 2

Putting together Cinderella’s Castle for our daughter to give to her daughter was so much fun last night.  These larger dollhouses easily allow for use of the smaller and regular sized 12″ dolls, giving the children hours of playtime with whatever doll they prefer.  If you have a child in your life that likes to… Continue reading Cinderella’s Castle ~ Dollhouse Project 2

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It takes kids to create a Village

One of the more fun projects with the grandkids that I can recall was completed last night.  Together we created our own little gingerbread village.  It was a kit purchased from one of the big box stores, but oh my how much fun our family had watching the it come to life!! There were five… Continue reading It takes kids to create a Village

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Kidcraft Savannah Dollhouse Project

This past week we purchased and assembles a Kidcraft Sweet Savannah Dollhouse from online.  There are a number of retail stores where you can purchase this kit, we strongly recommend you considering, especially if you have children around that enjoy playing with dolls. The finished product measures over 49″ high, 32″ wide and 12″ deep.… Continue reading Kidcraft Savannah Dollhouse Project

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Our String of Thankful For’s

To Give Thanks can be accomplished in different ways. Last year we chose to sit down and write on strips of construction paper what we were thankful for. It was exciting to find them in among our Thanksgiving decorations. We had listed our Military. That year we did not see our son, who is a… Continue reading Our String of Thankful For’s


It’s the little things that matter ~ Hoshi Chao V8.0 Subtle changes

This has been an exciting ride for us!  We are now at the point in our renovations that changes are very minor.  Most of the changes are really with the gadgets and items that we utilize to make our life more enjoyable, rather than upgrades to the trailer.  So with all that introduction this will… Continue reading It’s the little things that matter ~ Hoshi Chao V8.0 Subtle changes

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Answered Prayers in Our Tree!

Our beautiful prayer tree is full of answered prayers!  They may be difficult to see at first glance, but for my wife and I they are very easy to spot. Earlier in the spring, we started a prayer tree. Our story was first published in the article Take Time to Speak and Listen – A… Continue reading Answered Prayers in Our Tree!


The Joy of Making & Giving ~ Gift Baskets

In October, we decided to make a Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Basket. We painted our basket a light pink and made a Breast Cancer Pink Sequined Ribbon. We filled it with nail polish remover, cotton pads, bright pink nail polish, an emery board, a pink loofah, Breast Cancer pink and white socks, lotion, and a small… Continue reading The Joy of Making & Giving ~ Gift Baskets