Making the story special…

As the coffee was delivered, Scott smiled across the table.  Feeling the love that had grown from their many years together, she reached out her hand and touched his. It has been a long day for both of them.  Stopping in at their favorite coffee house made the day seem to slow down as soon… Continue reading Making the story special…

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Staging Life

Staging Life. Write down every single thought. Jot it down on whatever you can find to write on. If it’s toilet paper and lipstick then you are on fire, going places. Right before you close your eyes, you better have written something, somewhere little lady. Taking time to record thoughts, before they are lost to… Continue reading Staging Life


When will the tunnel end?

My head ached.  Hard, throbbing, pounding pain.  Slumped over in the back seat of a car.  Whose car is it?  How did I get here?   My last memory was standing outside of the store glancing at the window display waiting for my meeting with Joey.  He was late, as usual, but what just happened?… Continue reading When will the tunnel end?