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White Sand Castle

broken pieces laying about stooping down to take a look knowing in your heart your treasure is gone all the pretty jewels washed up on the shore sand getting stuck between toes pull out your pockets and empty them out turning over your purse you dump the contents on the bed all the little smiling… Continue reading White Sand Castle

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Success Through Setting Goals

Take time to consider where you are today.  Have you become the person you had wanted?  Are you financially in the position you desire?  Are you spending your time doing the things you want?  Are there changes you would like to make to make your life or your family’s life  better?  Do you want to… Continue reading Success Through Setting Goals

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Staging Life

Staging Life. Write down every single thought. Jot it down on whatever you can find to write on. If it’s toilet paper and lipstick then you are on fire, going places. Right before you close your eyes, you better have written something, somewhere little lady. Taking time to record thoughts, before they are lost to… Continue reading Staging Life

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Tracing History

Today, tomorrow,and so on. Might we work hard to preserve our family tree. We love to reminisce about memories of family members so, we are making more of an effort to write them down.   We are realizing that the roots of the tree are the strengths and hardships that our family, as a whole,… Continue reading Tracing History

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When push comes to shove…

If they could have worked together. Ultimately, the stronger of the two seems to have won the battle of space. Pushing up and out, the rock destroyed the tree. Through all this war and strife, a safe haven from weather and enemy has been formed for a nearby ground hog.  Check us out at… Continue reading When push comes to shove…

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Staying active in the colder months

Make the best decision of this Christmas holiday season for you and your family by getting creative to stay active during these colder months.  Many of us find ourselves very active in the spring and summer months.  As the temperatures start to lower in the late Autumn, these opportunities may be more difficult to find.… Continue reading Staying active in the colder months