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Our String of Thankful For’s

To Give Thanks can be accomplished in different ways. Last year we chose to sit down and write on strips of construction paper what we were thankful for. It was exciting to find them in among our Thanksgiving decorations. We had listed our Military. That year we did not see our son, who is a… Continue reading Our String of Thankful For’s


Blessing with flowers

  The men in my family have this unspoken tradition. You could say it is in their genes.  My husband began filling my whole house with flowers he picked from my peony, wild rose,and lilac bushes when we first started dating. I worked two jobs at the time and was rarely home, so he snuck… Continue reading Blessing with flowers

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Running Along a Creek

Creeks are so fascinating, whether you are walking beside it, or in the Creek Bed, itself.  We have loved to explore them through the years with our children, and together. If you are patient and quiet, you are taken to your own serene otherworld. Away from daily tasks and stressful moments.  Walk slowly and carefully… Continue reading Running Along a Creek

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Father’s Day

What better way to have spent Father’s Day than to feed them! I cooked cube steak slowly in the oven all day with cream of celery,sliced mushrooms,sliced garlic,whole milk, and pepper. Then I slowly cooked frozen (should have bought fresh)green beans,red potatoes,and onions together. Grands biscuits (I can not for anything make a biscuit rise… Continue reading Father’s Day


A Song Shared From My Daughter

Emeli Sande’-Next To Me is written on a little torn scrap of paper. I keep it in the bathroom, almost in the shower,where I can see it even with my glasses off. Our second daughter gave it to me when she was having a hard time. Even though she was struggling to pull through something, she… Continue reading A Song Shared From My Daughter


A Different View Than You

This title may make someone think I am going to bring up a touchy subject. No, and I smile. I was just able to spend some time in a wheelchair over the Memorial Day weekend. This is where I discovered the different views we have between sitting on a bench, in a wheelchair, and standing… Continue reading A Different View Than You