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Father’s Day

What better way to have spent Father’s Day than to feed them! I cooked cube steak slowly in the oven all day with cream of celery,sliced mushrooms,sliced garlic,whole milk, and pepper. Then I slowly cooked frozen (should have bought fresh)green beans,red potatoes,and onions together. Grands biscuits (I can not for anything make a biscuit rise… Continue reading Father’s Day


A Song Shared From My Daughter

Emeli Sande’-Next To Me is written on a little torn scrap of paper. I keep it in the bathroom, almost in the shower,where I can see it even with my glasses off. Our second daughter gave it to me when she was having a hard time. Even though she was struggling to pull through something, she… Continue reading A Song Shared From My Daughter


A Different View Than You

This title may make someone think I am going to bring up a touchy subject. No, and I smile. I was just able to spend some time in a wheelchair over the Memorial Day weekend. This is where I discovered the different views we have between sitting on a bench, in a wheelchair, and standing… Continue reading A Different View Than You


Beautiful blessings from above

As I followed my husband’s truck out on to the road,I noticed the still very dark sky above. It was 4:30 in the morning and the moon was so bright and the stars looked like they were gently scattered across a backdrop of white clouds and smoky blue sky. I began to pray to the… Continue reading Beautiful blessings from above