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Courage my dear friend…

Safe as I cling to what I know, Secure in what I already understand, Beyond lay uncertainty and fear. Uncertainty in my abilities, Fear of the difficulties ahead, Worry for the things I do not know. Seeking God and His direction, Reaching out in prayer and in His word, Finding peace, awaiting answers. Letting go… Continue reading Courage my dear friend…


First Time to Hug a Marine

Just a short amount of days and my husband and I will be spending Family Day with our son. This will be the very first time for me to hug a Marine. Our Marine. Your Marine.   Encouragement, prayers, and many letters have traveled the distance back and forth, from him to us. He writes with… Continue reading First Time to Hug a Marine


Their Poisoned Flower

There once was a young girl that blossomed to be a beautiful flower. Her parents loved her and watched her grow to be a lovely young lady. Her smile was like sunshine. Her limbs were graceful and danced like the wind through a willow. When she was near, not only did her words touch their… Continue reading Their Poisoned Flower


68 Days Go Alexander!

Getting armed with notebooks, pens, calendars, menu’s, decorating ideas, and other blogs here on WordPress. I have started a board on Pinterest  labeled Marines The Few The Proud.  I love that people share their ideas for letters and gift boxes and encouragement all around the world on Pinterest and other sites.  Go ahead and check out my… Continue reading 68 Days Go Alexander!