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Christmas memories around the Fort

Holiday time is here!!  We are so excited to see all the Christmas decorations and to remember great times with family and friends.  One of the warmest, not just because it is located in central Florida, are the times at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground in Walt Disney World.  To kick off these holidays, we… Continue reading Christmas memories around the Fort


Now It’s Real Fun!!! Hoshi Chao V7.0 ~ “Tweaking”

It is definitely real fun now!! Once the major renovations are complete, it is time for fine tuning your traveling home.  This means for us discussing every aspect of our stars nest or Hoshi Chao. Talking about how to improve the cooking, relaxing, bathing, getting ready, laundry, sleeping, and every other thing that we do… Continue reading Now It’s Real Fun!!! Hoshi Chao V7.0 ~ “Tweaking”


It’s a Wild Life along these trails

Soooooo much wild life that it made it hard to keep up a good pace, for fear that we would spook the animals!  They are so much fun to watch and enjoy seeing how they interact and go about their daily lives. We are talking about our favorite trail at the Fort Wilderness Resort &… Continue reading It’s a Wild Life along these trails

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Mickey’s Wilderness Trail

A wilderness trail exists between the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and the Wilderness Lodge along Bay Lake in Walt Disney World.  This trail is the Wilderness Exercise trail.  A trail open for walking, jogging, and enjoying on wheels, be it roller blades, or bicycles. Mickey’s vast wilderness… A 2.5 mile paved trail starts from… Continue reading Mickey’s Wilderness Trail

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Tri-Circle-D Ranch Horse Barn and Pony Rides!!

If Walt was asking my wish?  To have a horse!  Ever since I was a skinny 7 year old tomgirl. I would race across the pages of books bareback…. I never did own my own horse, but I did go on a lot of trail ride’s with my parents when we traveled. When I met… Continue reading Tri-Circle-D Ranch Horse Barn and Pony Rides!!

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FWC Trail’s End Restaurant Review

My first run-in, so to say, with Trail’s End Restaurant was the rich aroma of coffee mingled with incredible breakfast food smells that teased with my nose. We were tent camping and we were on the hunt. For fresh coffee, that is.  Being very early risers, 4:30 in the a.m. we showered and then went… Continue reading FWC Trail’s End Restaurant Review

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Careful, lots of Turkeys out there!

I always keep an eye out on my daily commute for all turkeys on the road, but that is nothing like this! Magical times happen at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campground.  Following a moderate rain shower, a rafter or gang of turkeys took advantage and enjoyed the day. Check us out at JenGaryNewAdventures.com and… Continue reading Careful, lots of Turkeys out there!