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Friendship Comes in Small Gestures

Open heart. When she accepts you for being yourself. She watched you grow through young motherhood to grandparent. She always made you feel like you belonged, right from the start. With kind words, she kept you in her daily prayers. Through troubles and heartache, she offered her kind words. She never gave you reason to… Continue reading Friendship Comes in Small Gestures


Blessing with flowers

  The men in my family have this unspoken tradition. You could say it is in their genes.  My husband began filling my whole house with flowers he picked from my peony, wild rose,and lilac bushes when we first started dating. I worked two jobs at the time and was rarely home, so he snuck… Continue reading Blessing with flowers

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Opportunities lost…

Watching from a distance, Time passing slowly in silence, Burning thoughts that never go away. Actions that should have been, Chances never realized, Gone, forever from my side. Always imprinted on my mind, Outlines of your soul,  Textures entwined within our hearts. Years toil by, slowly with no change, Sadness covering my dreams, Darkness is… Continue reading Opportunities lost…