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Marine Week Nashville – Part 3 of 3

For those on Facebook, click HERE to be redirected to the Marine Week Nashville Facebook page. Plan your visit to hear  the Marine Corps Band, or to see displays of the latest in military technology in action. Every day begins with a 6:00 am reveille, waking up Nashville, making all aware of their presence.  Each day… Continue reading Marine Week Nashville – Part 3 of 3

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Marine Week Nashville Part 2 of 3

There are several white tents set up with displays of the equipment and items utilized by our United States Marines Corps.  Some of the tents are set up as a memorial to those fallen heroes with beautiful paintings and a display. Take a moment to read each of their stories and to appreciate the Cost… Continue reading Marine Week Nashville Part 2 of 3

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Marine Week Nashville – Part 1 of 3

The Marines Have Arrived is the appropriate title on the United States Marine Corps official website.  This year starting  September 7, 2016 and running till September 11, 2016 the city of Nashville has the honor to spend time with over 800 Marines and sailors. The week is an opportunity to learn about the USMC history… Continue reading Marine Week Nashville – Part 1 of 3


The Hero’s of Young

And the Old. May someone take your picture today. May they hold your hand and thank you. May someone not be embarrassed to tell you how proud they are of your courage and strength. May they be the example to others that just walk by you…. Pictured here is our son. A Marine. Holding a… Continue reading The Hero’s of Young


A Different View Than You

This title may make someone think I am going to bring up a touchy subject. No, and I smile. I was just able to spend some time in a wheelchair over the Memorial Day weekend. This is where I discovered the different views we have between sitting on a bench, in a wheelchair, and standing… Continue reading A Different View Than You


Book Review, Suspect

  Written by Robert Crais, but completely wrapped in newspaper, I still chose the book, Suspect. I placed it, still wrapped, on the seat beside me as I drove home. I have been choosing Rate My Date books from our local library since the 2nd week in February. When I tore off the wrapping, my heart was excited to… Continue reading Book Review, Suspect